Timing Is Everything 

Honestly I’m not a massive fan of fruit, (apart from watermelon, because I mean come on who doesn’t like watermelon?!) I think my dislike for the stuff is largely due to my experiences of eating it before it’s ripe. There’s nothing worse than biting into a pear and realising it’s not ready. (Insert gagging sounds here.) In that moment what should be a pleasure becomes a highly unpleasant experience. And you know it’s not the fruit that’s bad, it’s the timing that’s bad. 

Timing really is everything. Not just in fruit consumption, but also in life. I don’t know about you but I have a little tendency to rush things. I don’t know whether it’s being a busy working mum or whether it is just a personality defect of mine, but I’m always thinking a step ahead of where I am. On one hand this can be a useful skill, but on the other it is a subtle thief stealing the joy of the present with the constant push towards the promise of what’s next.

Personally I find this most dangerous in my walk with God. God plants dreams and purpose in our hearts, so something of the future always calls out from within us. This is an essential part of who we are. But sometimes we can get a little bit impatient waiting for that promised future to become a present reality. In those moments we are at very real risk of making bad choices in an attempt to speed up God’s sovereign hand. If you ever find yourself tempted to bypass God’s timing, to shortcut the divine schedule, STOP FOR A MOMENT AND THINK. 

God is a God of order. HE DOESNT DO SHORTCUTS. With him, timing is everything. And when we try to skip ahead, fast forward through a season of life to the next, we end up journeying to a place where there is no provision to sustain us.

I was thinking about the creation story today, and how man and woman were the last thing God made. I think if I had been God I would have wanted to get right to the pinnacle of my creation first, but he doesn’t do it that way. No, lovingly he crafts the environment, the food, the provision for his people BEFORE they arrive. In that moment God gives us a glimpse into how he works. He is always up ahead setting up the scene for his children, so that when they arrive at that point in their journey, everything they require is already there waiting. In God’s world it is first provision and then possession. When we attempt to skip God’s process we wind up in a place where his provision hasn’t preceded us. That is indeed a scary place to be. Short cutting God’s plan is, quite simply, a recipe for failure. 

The season you are in, whether mundane or extremely challenging, is packed full of purpose. And while we wait on God’s provision up ahead, we are also assured he has already been right where we find ourselves today, before we ever got there, setting us up to win.

So maybe for a moment just breathe in where you are. Remind yourself that today is packed with purpose, even if you can’t yet see it. Don’t rush to get to tomorrow. It will all come when it is ready. 

Because you know with God timing really is everything.